Hi Everyone!

First off, I would like to personally welcome you to the Animated Collective! My name is Ani, and I am the founder of this project! Animated Collective is a streetwear brand, but it is also something much more than that. If you would like to read more, I will go into what I want to do and why I started!

What is the Animated Collective? 

Right now, It is a designer streetwear brand. But someday, It will be a creative collective focused on showcasing the coolest pieces of art, anything from videos to paintings to music to fashion to architecture, anything really. It will be focused on innovation and collaboration and will be a community of creativity. 

Why did I start doing this?

When I first started getting into streetwear, I fell in love with all the different aspects of design that went into creating clothing, so I figured I would give it a shot! But then I started thinking bigger, about a space for open collaboration between creatives. I want to turn Animated Collective into a platform that creatives go to to showcase their creativity. Why? Because I believe everyone is already great, but that some people haven't found the thing that they are great at! Hopefully, this can be the place where someone gets inspired to create!

How will I do that?

Through a series of different categories on the blog, like music production, hip-hop/rap, fashion, graphic design and different forms of art. Every week, I will post a prompt in for all categories designed to get creativity flowing. 

Thank you for reading! I will be posting on this blog every week with things like my design process, how I actually make the shirts as well as creative challenges. 



Ani Mayasandra, Founder of Animated Collective


Ani Mayasandra