Lots and lots to do...


First thing’s first; I have not been posting weekly. I’m sorry!!! Things have and always will be crazy and I’ve learned so much these past couple of weeks I realized I have to share it all with you! So much has changed as well and you all have a right to know (I’m into the whole transparency thing). 

So, as a designer/entrepreneur who is in their infancy, here are the big things I am working on now (on top of designing/creating new original Animated pieces & starting my music career on the side):

1. Launching a collaboration piece with Pneu Creations (Date TBD; IG: @Dr__Allen)

2. Working with up and coming content blogs! One is all about self empowerment and motivation. I am creating some logo samples for this one right now (IG: Goodlifecontent). The second one is a vegetarian food blog called “You won’t miss the MEAT!” I’m creating a couple of alternate logos for them. 

3. Launching a personal project! I will be making 1 of 1 designs for my family and close friends! I wanted to do this because I’ve always thought it would be amazing to hook people up with individual designs you wouldn’t find otherwise; it allows for maximum creativity in my opinion. 

4. Restructuring this blog! After learning about Glossier and Emily Weiss, I was inspired to follow her approach in blogging. Emily Weiss founded Into the Gloss in 2010 and now runs her own skincare products company & an online community. She started off by interviewing people in a bathroom and asked them about their approach to beauty & skincare; so I was inspired to do something similar. I will be interviewing up and coming designers and talking to them about their mindset and approach to design; I’ll then post my learnings on here as well as design a new piece (if I’m inspired enough/have the time!). The key here is that this is my first shabang into all this stuff as well, so you all will be learning about this stuff at the same pace as me. My goal with this blog series is to inspire other designers into taking action and starting up whatever has been in their heads!

So everyone, this is what I have been doing/plan to do in the near future. Things will change and get crazy, but I plan on sticking to this if I can help it.  

By this time next year, I will have a lot done on all fronts and I want you to be a part of the journey...

So stay tuned for more updates and always Live Life Animated!

-Ani (Mal) Mayasandra  



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