One year (and one day) anniversary

Hi all,

Happy (belated) Birthday to Animated Collective! The brand turned 1 yesterday and it got me feeling nostalgic. There’s so much I have learned and experienced in the past year, as well as some big life changes. A lot of firsts, from my first t-shirt release (an iron on vinyl sheet I got from Walmart) to participating in my first pop up event, to my first inventory dilemma.

A lot of ups and downs and I’m so grateful to be able to keep doing this; but I know I have to step my game up if I want to continue doing what I’m doing. Let me start with things I think I could do better; I feel I have been inconsistent with stuff, not focused at times and unwilling to do projects with out of fear. Sometimes fear of failure, or even fear of success. “What if I spend $500 and nobody buys a thing?? What if the brand blows up overnight and I don’t have my name trademarked and someone steals my work?!”

These are the types of things that ring through my head sometimes when thinking of the brand. Irrational fears, but they’re real nonetheless. I am affected by these thoughts and they delay progress, but I’ve pinpointed this & now this is something I can work on.

Now some of the things I think I’m doing well; I have a clearer direction of what I want to do in my career than a year ago, I now have actual experience under my belt and I feel more confident designing in general. I feel my progress first hand, it’s one of the most rewarding things I have ever felt in my life. I know i’m in this for the long haul and now it’s a matter of executing.

Creating something from nothing is not magic, it’s work. Shout out to all the other business owners & entrepreneurs out there; there’s so many different aspects to running a business and this past year showed me a small taste of it.

Here’s to many more birthdays for Animated Collective,