Stress & Direction... & my birthday

Running your own business is hard fucking work. You’re in charge of everything so that means everything is your fault. Which is great when things are going well, but can be horrible when things aren’t.

Especially starting out; I’ve been at this a little over a year and though I have learned a ton, I’ve also learned that sales and revenue are the big boy I gotta pay attention too. To be perfectly honest, I’m not a big fan of money in general. At its very core, it separates us & we’ve become so fixated on THE MONEY that we forget to be PEOPLE.

But enough philosophical talk; I’ve learned that as a business owner, I have to make more money than I spend for this whole shit to be worth it. So what is a young Mal to do?? It feels like nobody gives a shit when sales aren’t happening, and I feel like a king when things do sell. I think the answer to this question lies within me, I gotta find the balance and stay cool whether things are going good or bad. I can’t help think about the Ten Crack Commandments; all these years go by and Mr. Wallace’s words still ring true. Rule #2, “Never let ‘em know your next move.”

Anyway, the more days go by, the more I’m learning about myself, my brand and what I really want to do with my life. Animated Collective is going to live on for another day, whatever it ends up becoming. Even though I’m stressed, I feel blessed because I know all this struggle is going to be worth it. I thank everyone who takes time out of their day to see what I do; you are the ones who inspire me to do what I do.

Here’s to 23; a year where I had fun and learned a lot. I’m cautiously optimistic for 24, it’ll be a good year if I make it one.

Thanks again for your time and support,

ya boi,

Ani Mal

Ani Mayasandra