Busy Boi Syndrome & Announcements

Hey everyone it has been a MINUTE since I have last posted! My bad on that but I have been incredibly busy here's some stuff I've been doing since I last wrote:

1. Prepping for my 1st EVER Pop-up Shop!!!

2. Working on my debut EP; Purple Hexagons

3. Learning how to Screen Print onto shirts; getting a membership to a print shop

4. Building a website to serve as my beat marketplace

5. Making my new line of shirts BY HAND

6. Meeting & forming a roster of various talent (photographers, videographers, models, stylists, designers, etc.) to tap from for creative projects in the future

7. Scheduling future collaborations 

8. Behind the scenes operational/financial stuff & marketing strategies

It helps to deduce it down to these points but in reality everything is happening all at once and some days I feel like I can't keep my head above water!! I wouldn't have it any other way; everything I am doing these days is fueled by raw passion and the drive to be better for myself, my family and friends. I have met so many amazing people chasing their own endeavors and I'm so glad I can feed off the "hustle energy." 

On a personal note; I have really started to figure out what I want out of entrepreneurship as well as the type of work I want to do. It has dawned on me that although I like to get technical; I should be leaving the heavy lifting to the professionals so that they can execute a creative vision. That's another thing I've realized too; that to have and keep a creative vision for a project from start to end is tough af.... but so fulfilling once you see the end result. Having the right people around you is more important than the work itself; because if the work is done with love, things will naturally gravitate to a quality product.

I want to take this opportunity to give A HUGE SHOUTOUT to the ENTIRE CITY OF DETROIT; growing up I never really visited the city much because I was told "it was dangerous" and not much else by everyone around me who were programmed to think the same thing. I took matters into my own hands, started visiting the city and seeing the sights (s/o to my ex for introducing me to the DIA) and ended up falling in love with it all. From BankRose Productions on 7 Mile to M3 Studios in Warren to Ocelot Print Shop in Midtown to the heart of downtown, everyone I meet, have met & work with has welcomed me with open arms as one of their own; and to someone who has felt like they don't belong anywhere, Detroit has truly made my heart full. 

But enough sappy talk I gotta get back to the grind!! A couple of announcements before I go; my first ever Pop-Up Shop on the 23rd @ KO Studio in Hamtramck (4-8 pm), my new line will release online very soon & my debut EP drops on June 29th!!! If you are reading this and wanna come out and support, please don't hesitate to contact me!!

 I also did an interview talking about my approach and the reason behind everything with the very talented Moussa El-Moussa; which you can listen to here. 

Hope everyone has a great day, week, month & rest of your year!!! Refresh Yourself and make sure to always #LiveLifeAnimated! 


Until next time, 

ya boy, 

Ani Mal