Week 2 (Fashionably Late)

Hey all,

I was supposed to write & post this blog last Friday but this happened and that happened and well, here I am. better late than never right??

Anyway, last week I had a couple of personal orders come in from some friends (if you’re reading this, thank you!) as well as an opportunity come up for me to do a pop up shop in Midtown Detroit! It is a Detroit designer and stylist showcase and the best part was that it fell into my lap and I didn’t have to go looking for it. I’m thankful and grateful and I hope it’s a sign of things to come all year long. I also had a great week music wise too; I got to the studio a couple of times and finished some material for my next project. So all in all, it was a great week and a great start to the year.

This week, I’m focusing on getting those orders done, prepping for my pop up shop and working on my new collections. Nothing too crazy, just putting my head down and moving things along.

Here’s to another week,