Week 3 - almost on time

Hey everyone! I missed the Friday deadline once again! All goodie tho because I’m still comin at ya with the weekly update.

I learned a lot about my business this week. I got to get back to sewing by hand as well, making and sending out some private orders to friends. I’ll be honest, the pop-up shop that I did was not what I was expecting and it didn’t end up being great for sales. That being said though, I did make some great new connections and got to network with designers & stylists around the city, so that was a great thing to take away from the experience.

As far as music goes, I made a new beat & wrote a hook that I think is a vibbeeee; next I want to finish a verse for it and find a feature artist so it can be added to my next upcoming project :).

This week, I’ll be focused on the business plan, finalizing my new collections and my creative portfolio website. I can’t reveal too much but I can say that dog & cat lovers will really enjoy my next line! It was an awesome experience making the samples and learning a new way of designing apparel & I’m excited to share it with everyone when it’s ready.

As far as the business, I’ve found that for me, keeping a small number of projects going simultaneously makes me more productive on all fronts, because I like to switch between them when I get stuck on something. It’s been working as of late, so I’m hoping to keep the streak alive this coming week!

See you next week,