Year 2

Me + the bag

Me + the bag

Hey everyone,

Here we are in 2019 & the beginning of year 2 of Animated Collective. I spent most of last year going through some big changes & figuring out a lot about what I wanted to do with the brand as well as in my career as a whole. I dropped a few collections, got involved in my first pop-up and learned a LOT about how hard it is to design and make clothing. On a personal note, I made the decision to pursue music as a side-hustle/passion project, so that I would be able to focus on clothing professionally while using music as a sort of therapy.

To start out this year I’m going to attempt something I wanted to do for a while but straight up didn’t have the discipline for… I’m going to try and post something every Friday in 2019. I want to do this half as a challenge to myself and half as a way to share some of the stuff that people don’t usually talk about when it comes to starting out as a creative & entrepreneur.

So to kick things off, lately I’ve been working on making a solid business plan to act as an anchor point for my business. I should’ve done this a long time ago, but hey, I just didn’t get around to it. While working on my business plan I am also working on a new way to release products to my website as well as designing and producing the next few collections in the pipeline.

One thing I’m not trying to do this year is overwhelm myself to the point where I don’t get anything done & to pick ideas and run with them rather than sitting and waiting to take action until it’s too late. I want to focus on the task at hand and running things through the finish line; rather than having a million ideas and getting salty when other people beat me to the punch. I’m also trying not to pay attention to what others are doing and pay attention to outdoing my former self.

This year is going to be amazing no matter what happens. I’m excited to keep going with my passion & excited to share my journey along the way. Thanks in advance to everyone who reads this and talks about/shares the brand with someone at some point, your small actions go an extremely long way. 2019 is the year to #StayAnimated!



ya boi,

Ani “MAL” Mayasandra