Week 7 - I quit my job (again) lol

Hey everyone,

The weekend got away from me so here I am with a Monday edition of the Weekend blog.

Another week in the books and I have to say getting into a groove is tough when focusing on fashion & music; it seems like the second I get time to breathe something new comes up. It’s all good, I’m just getting my feet wet & I’ll be able to find a good balance if I keep working at it.

I quit my part time job this week; putting my 3 weeks notice in after realizing I could be dedicating more time toward learning and freelancing and NOT being lazy. It was kind of crazy how I made my decision actually; I was on the way to work at 6 am, the snow was so bad I could barely see 20 feet in front of me & I saw the car in front of me spin out on an exit and nearly shoot down a hill. The car & driver were both okay, but after swerving out of the way and getting my bearings back, I couldn’t help but keep thinking “Wow I really just went through all this and for what, to sell a product I don’t really care about for some chump change?”

Right after I got into work that day, I put in my 3 weeks notice and decided I was worth more and I was going to work to ensure that I was worth more. I have skills and am skilled enough to be able to make a living from them and the only things holding me back are laziness and self-doubt; which I can’t let continue to hold me back.

This week I focused more on music; shooting two music videos & working on beats. I also bought a new domain name & started to build my portfolio website (FINALLY!) Long story short, I had already tried to do a creative website a year ago with Wordpress and never got around to it; so it felt good to make a decision and move forward with this.

As far as clothing goes, still working on my spring collection, one piece at a time. The sewing class I took helped me fill in the gaps of knowledge I had teaching myself. I’m excited to release everything once it’s done and continue to learn and make better stuff :).

This week I’ll continue to be on my clothing & website grind as well as doing freelance work. Putting my 3 weeks in means that I will be doing a lot more freelance work until further notice; so if you’re reading this and you or someone you know needs any creative work done, from voice over work to making a jingle, background music/beats & audio mixing/engineering to graphic & web design, I am your guy! Please get in touch, send them my way or give me their contact information so I can reach out!

Thanks again for reading (if you’re reading this far), your support means a lot to me!

Until next week,