Week 8 - Nice Week + Spring/Summer Collection Update

Hey all,

Back at you with another weekly blog; this past week was nice. I made some nice progress on my spring/summer collection and got to work on some new music; AND I got to see some sneak peeks of the new music videos I have been working on! I’m excited to share everything with you all as soon as everything is ready.

The spring/summer collection I have been working on is turning out to be a challenge in the best way possible. I decided to personally select each vintage piece that will go into the collection; the thinking behind it being each piece would have its own mood and sense of flair. Now that I have my pieces picked out; the real challenge lies ahead. With each piece being different, I now have to figure out how to bring out the best in each one while also bringing my own design elements into it. It’s the biggest project I’ve undertaken since starting the brand, but I feel ready.

In the music sphere: I got to see some footage from the recent music videos I’ve been working on and it was so dope to meet talented directors & collaborate. Working on AniMalogy is turning out to be a lot of fun and I can’t wait to bring you all a brand new mixtape.

This next week I’m focusing on continuing production of my spring line, making my portfolio website & releasing some new music. I’ll be posting behind the scenes stuff throughout; so follow my IG & the brand to see it all! Thank you again for reading, your support means a lot!!

See you next week,