Week 13 - Trip Prep

Hi all,

Missed writing a post last week but back at it today. These past two weeks I have been struggling to stay afloat with everything going on. A good problem to have, but a problem nonetheless. Music & Fashion are tugging me in two different directions right now but I am determined to have them cross paths in an organic way!

Production for my Spring/Summer line is in full swing and right now, it’s looking like the collection will be dropping in installments, one in late April & the other in mid-May. I have been talking with photographers, venues, food vendors and other cool people around Detroit to set up a small “pop-up tour” as well, so you all can come by and experience the brand first hand and not just online!

As far as music goes, the list of unfinished songs continues; I think I have about 8-9 songs I am working on at the moment which can get crazy trying to balance in my head. I wouldn’t have it any other way though, I know that all this juggling is only making me stronger in my career and as a person.

Next week I will be going to California for two weeks to see some family, vacation & meet some new people. One week in the Bay, one in LA. I am SOOOOOOO excited to get out of Michigan for a little while and hit the reset button on my surroundings. If you’re reading this and know someone who does anything creative in these two cities, please get in touch with me so I can reach out! I am always looking for more people to collaborate with, whether they be other designers, models, influencers, musicians, anything really. If they are cool and the vibe is right, the possibilities are truly endless!

I’ve also been thinking of doing a little more with this blog, like interviewing other talent or reviewing today’s fashion from my perspective. If you have any ideas, please comment below! I’d love your feedback so I can bring you more of what you’d like to see!

I’m looking forward to a crazy but amazing next few weeks, thanks again for all your support!

Until next week,

Ani Mal