Week 9 - Another one in the books

Hi all, this is probably the latest I’ve done a weekly blog post but I gotta keep myself honest and do a recap of last week!

This past week, I made a little progress on my spring/summer collection and launched a social media campaign on the brand’s Instagram, showcasing the inspiration behind the upcoming line. I also had the opportunity to take another class where I got to cut & sew a pair of leggings from scratch. The class kind of put me at ease, because I have been overthinking how to cut & sew garments for a while and to actually do it, I noticed that I was getting anxious for nothing. There are some challenging parts to garment construction sure, but all I have to do is keep at it and I’ll be able to make clothing whenever I want. I plan on continuing working on the line this week.

On the music front; I dropped a music video and released my new single to all streaming platforms! If you want to listen, click here for the link. AniMalogy is starting to take shape with more artists signing on to do features and provide beats; I’m excited to bring it all together to show you all what I am capable of as well as collaborate with some talented individuals. More music and videos are on the way shortly and now I’m thinking that AniMalogy will be released this fall.

That’s all for now; hope you all have a great week and tell a friend or two to check out the brand.

See you next time,