Simply put, we're a clothing brand exploring culture through fashion and art.


Animated Collective was founded by Ani Mayasandra in late 2017. It is inspired by empowerment, collaboration & the intersectionality of culture. We make comfortable, reliable ready-to-wear urban clothing, select collections and 1 of 1 pieces finished with multicultural and minimalist motifs. Our aim is to use our platform to empower and enable those who may not see that they are already great in their own way. We always believe in quality over quantity. Currently, our production is based out of Los Angeles, CA.


We ensure the quality of our products while offering the best customer experience possible. Our prices reflect the cost of materials used and attention to detail. Shipping is factored into our pricing, meaning the price you see is what you will pay; no hidden fees (with the exception being international orders). Like we said before, we believe in quality over quantity always. We will always continue to improve and as we do, it will translate into better products for all.


We sell our products in two ways; pre-orders and ready-to-wear. The pre-order system we use ensures that you will receive your item in a timely manner after placing your order; but we aren’t perfect. In the event that you have an issue with your pre-order, please reach out to us (via email or IG DM) and we will resolve your issue to the best of our abilities. Our ready-to-wear items ship out on a weekly basis. All orders come with our Fit Guarantee.


We understand that it might be risky to shop for a new brand online, so we created the Fit Guarantee. The Fit Guarantee is exactly as advertised, if it doesn’t fit, you can return your product for an exchange or store credit, no questions asked. We will also offer a full refund for your product if necessary.


We also have an in-house production team, which consists of directors, photographers, videographers & brand strategy and focuses on various projects as the need arises; our team is open to creating social media content as well as shaping brand identity. (Contact us for more info)

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